Travis Scott Announces Lineup for 2021 Astroworld Fest

Fans no longer have to just guess; Travis Scott has revealed the full lineup for his upcoming music festival Astroworld. The two-day Houston event will feature performances by legends like Young Thug, Tame Impala, Teezo Touchdown, and others. “3rd annual Astroworld Fest line is now here. Welcome to Utopia. We morphed the grounds into a […]

Where to Watch Day 2 of Lost Lands

If you’ve been on twitter at all over the last few weeks, you’d know Lost Lands has arrived and it is living up to the hype. The three day festival has become a promised land for veteran producers and up-and-comers alike. With the second day having kicked off, attendees are ready to showcase their stamina […]

Dutch Festivals Get Tentative Green Light for July Opening

The Dutch Government has announced plans to allow festivals to return as early as July. The announcement has put festival teams in motion to hype up their plans for 2021. An insurance package of more than €300 million was created by the Dutch government to insure festivals planned after July 1. If those festivals are […]

Nightlife Industry Professionals Share Global Recovery Plan Update

nightlife gnrp

A group of nightlife industry experts have put together what they are calling the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan (GNRP) to help the nightlife industry recover from Covid. The plan outlines the importance of recognizing nightlife as a financial and cultural pillar to many communities, as well as implementing a collaborative plan to return a sense […] Resumes Weekly Club Night

New Delhi-based will resume their weekly club night after nearly a year. Boxout Wednesdays have been cancelled for the past 11 months due to Covid, but will resume Febuary 10th at Summer House Café. is an online radio station which started in April 2017.  They broadcast locally and to the world all day […]

2020 Virtual Sets: Best Displays of the Plantae Kingdom

When planting a seed, orientation is not important. A force called geotropism ensures the seed can react to gravity, so no matter the seed’s orientation, the shoots always rise to the surface. Cool, right? Believe it or not, humans also exhibit this behavior. Even though this past year feels like we are buried upside down, […]