CAPSULE is Releasing Remasters of their Archived Music

For those of you out of the loop on this group, CAPSULE is a synthpop duo comprised of Yasutaka Nakata and Toshiko Koshijima. They started when they were both 17 years old, and their first CD release came in 2001. Since then, CAPSULE has released 15 albums, and their success and influence has been felt […]

deadmau5 and Foster the People Collaborate on new track, ‘Hyperlandia’

‘Hyperlandia’ sets a tone with an epic introduction to the backing melody of the song. It’s cold, calculated, and tension builds for the vocals to come in. It’s warm and soothing with a complete soundscape that invites you to a cozy place in your mind. The vocals speak of the power of love as someone […]

Dabin’s ‘Between Broken’ is a Journey through Hopes and Memories

It seems we all have places in our minds filled with thoughts and feelings we typically try to avoid. Whether it be coming to terms with a self-deprecating coping strategy of a broken relationship, or surrendering to our feelings of vulnerability, those confrontations we take with ourselves are most difficult to reconcile. For me, ‘Between […]

Kompany Drops ‘Untouchable’ EP

Kompany’s Untouchable EP is out now, and it is absolute madness. The sound design on some of these tracks sounds like he plugged a bridge into an amp and played the cables on it. The repertoire of sounds and layering will no doubt make your head spin. Untouchable features 7 tracks with collaborations from Jiqui, […]

The Glitch Mob Releases ‘Revisions’ Album Stacked with Archived Music

Boasting an arsenal of past hits, The Glitch Mob twists and recombines their archived music into a mix of mashups and remixes. The LA-based trio presents the album as an 88-minute continuous mix for smooth listening front to back. They refer to the album as “a hybrid of a DJ mix and an album into […]

CHVRCHES Drops ‘Screen Violence’ Album

Approaching their tenth year anniversary as a band together, CHVRCHES brings us their latest album Screen Violence. The aesthetic of the album is loosely based on 80’s horror films, as the band references John Carpenter’s Halloween soundtrack and other horror flicks as influences to the creative process. The lyrics of several songs venture into the […]

Dabin and Mokita Collaborate for Emotive Single ‘Drown’

Despite how lost or insecure we may sometimes feel, let us not dismiss our ability to bring positive influences to the lives of others. In short, ‘Drown’ represents being there for each other and lending a hand to those struggling to keep their heads above water. Luckily, like Covid, the empathy we feel for others […]

Nurko Unleashes ‘Here Right Now’ with Monika Santucci

Nurko is back with high-flying synthesis and expertly-crafted melodies. His latest collaboration with Monika Santucci delivers feelings of hopefulness and optimism. Advocating for the bright side comes with a delicate vulnerability, and this song nails that emotion. While the feeling may be delicate, the production is not. Layered chords with a super unique breathy section […]

B3RROR Drops Alone EP on Dharma Worldwide

Hailing from the Netherlands, B3RROR has strung together an assortment of elevated tracks on labels such as STMPD Records and Dharma Worldwide. His track ‘Lies’ with KSHMR and Luciana has amassed over 1.5 million streams on Spotify. With his latest drop on Dharma Worldwide, B3RROR brings us three bass heavy tracks with appearances from Reigno […]

Jason Ross and Blanke Enlist Chandler Leighton for New Single ‘One More Day’

Jason Ross and Blanke reveal their long-awaited collaboration with Chandler Leighton. ‘One More Day’ features high intensity synths, aggressive sound design, and inspiring vocal work. The signature sound quality of the two producers is noticeable throughout, and Chandler Leighton compliments them both perfectly. This is Jason Ross’ first single since ‘Intertwined’, and Blanke’s first since […]